Alcohol Abuse Treatment 

In this section we have details of professionals, services and centres that can help you find the alcohol treatment you require. 

We are building a unique resource which will include all different aspects of alcohol counselling, rehabilitation, treatment and aftercare, to help anyone struggling with a drinking problem, whatever stage they are in addiction or recovery.

The journey to recovery is one that comes in stages, alcohol counsellors may be able to help before you are even ready to face treatment. A counsellor can help you come to terms with your problem, admit the struggles you have and uncover the psychological and emotional causes and responses. 

If you already know you have a problem and need treatment, you can find a treatment center that would be right to help you go through the next stage of detox or rehab.

Once you have received treatment you will often have aftercare with your treatment provider, but during and after this you may want to find a counsellor or support group that can further that support.

There are centers, counsellors, charities, groups and organisations that can help you wherever you find yourself right now. Please click on your area below, national companies will be listed in your area also. We at Mental Healthy would like to wish you well on your path to freedom.


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