Addiction Counselling.

In this section we have counsellors that specialise in working with addictions. These are not rehabilitation centres or clinics, or detoxification help. These are counsellors who work with people before, during and/or after rehabilitation.

The counsellors listed here can help you come to terms with the problems you are facing; they can help you identify the underlying causes of your addiction, or perhaps help you face treatment. If you are undergoing or have come through rehab, you may be in need of extra ongoing support from an independent counsellor who will be able to listen and support you through this vulnerable time.

Many of the counsellors listed have introductory sessions free or at reduced cost. The relationship with your therapist is extremely important and finding the right person to help you on your emotional journey is key, so make sure you feel comfortable with your counselor and always feel free to ask them questions about their approach to therapy, about their experience, and perhaps the outcomes you would both expect from your sessions.