Anxiety and Agoraphobia inspiration

Hi Mental Healthy,

What a great thing! I opened my Prima magazine and saw your editor’s story. It was so much like mine, for so many years I have suffered with panic attacks, agorophobia, even been diagnosed as depressed, though these keep changing as do my meds!

The thing I found so refreshing about your approach is that it doesnt give strict answers, but guides, I feel after an article that I am directed to the next point of help.  Not many mags/websites give details of OTHER HELP, like websites and books, I will be recommending you to all those I know with issues and their families.

I would really like to see more about you guys, I know Charlotte (editor) has suffered, has she got a blog? What about your other staff? It is so encouraging to know you have been there we’d like to see more of you - at least I would! Thanks to you all, your mag is inspirational. Keep up the good work, you make it easier for people like me to be who we are and be a little bit more proud of that.

Lydia H


Hi Lydia,

I (Charlotte) am so glad you found my story inspiring, thank you for sharing a little of yours. I do have a blog, as do many of my colleagues Most of us here at Mental Healthy have at some point been service users, but we also benefit from the experience of psychologists and medical experts who work with service users.

So pleased you are enjoying the site - Keep us posted!


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