Backbone Power The Science of Saying No


Backbone Power

The Science of Saying No

by Dr. Anne Brown

(published by CreateSpace, RRP £12.20)

I have lost count of the times I have discussed this very subject with our readers. I see it time and time again, people suffering with stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, so often doing all they can to people please. Putting other people's needs before our own can be a big precursor to many of today's problems. Making our own needs a priority is essential; after all if we are not sound in body and mind, we cannot be all we want to be to others.

I am pleased to be able to introduce a book that tackles this very subject head on. Please read on to find out more. – Charlotte Fantelli, Mental Healthy.

Saying No!

In this compelling new book, experienced psychotherapist Dr. Anne Brown teaches us how to say ‘no!’ with gusto.

We’ve all felt that awful, sinking feeling that comes from accepting other peoples’ wishes above our own. So why do we always place ourselves last? And why do we allow other people to dictate the things we should or shouldn’t do? According to Dr. Anne Brown, a US-based psychotherapist with over twenty years of clinical experience, we are all gripped by a modern epidemic of people-pleasing and that a combination of low self-esteem and lack of confidence in our own needs and opinions is the root cause of our spineless behaviour. If we find ourselves constantly giving way to other people we may also be unable to say no to additional external forces, such as food, alcohol, drugs or sex. Saying no has also been stigmatised, especially for women; if we say no we’re often told we’re being stroppy and unlovable! Afraid to state our desires publicly, many of us have allowed our pattern of pleasing to become an obsession. So what is the science behind this need to please? And how can we learn to say “yes” to saying no?

Improve confidence

In Backbone Power The Science of Saying No Dr. Anne Brown reveals how chronic people-pleasers can radically improve their confidence, developing a new attitude that will enable them to escape the viscous cycle of submission and victimhood. Drawing upon her own dynamic and illuminating case studies, she advocates simple ‘backbone tools’ that anyone can learn and which encourage us to be honest with ourselves and to conduct our lives with “the dignity of a warrior” .

Dr. Anne Brown is passionate about helping others, encouraging us to discover the tools we need to stock up on in order to live happy and fulfilling lives. According to Dr. Brown, “Backbone Power is an easy read, with clear case examples of self-defeating behaviour and solutions that can be implemented immediately. Backbone Power supports our ability to change and have freedom of choice to stop taking care of others at our own expense which means a big ‘yes’ for us!”

A must-read for anyone aspiring to effect a positive change in their lives, this book will help readers to recognise their self-worth and find their own voice. Dr. Anne Brown has a private practice in Aspen, Colorado. To find out more about her innovative practices, you can buy Backbone Power The Science of Saying No (published by CreateSpace, RRP £12.20) online here. 

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