Training the Brain

by Jade S

Much of the focus in many therapies, behavioral and otherwise, is on retraining the brain.  It seems like a simple concept but it takes hard work and dedication.  My therapist has our group take time EVERY SINGLE HOUR to work on retraining.  Every hour I pause to identify things about myself, and to repeat a list of affirmations about myself that are meant to replace all the self-defeating things I've told myself because of this mental illness. 

Mental illness creates many more problems than the listed symptoms imply.  It can result in devastatingly low self-esteem, negative self-talk, terrible habits that take years to build and years to break.  When I think of all the things that have contributed to my low sense of self-worth, time being the most valuable of them all, I realize that it's little to ask to take time out every hour to help heal myself. 

I believe if you are truly dedicated, and if you realize that your mental health is more important than just about anything you can possibly imagine, you WILL be able to make progress in your recovery.  This progress will cause a ripple effect throughout your entire life.  People will find you more likeable, which will contribute to your self-esteem and self-worth.  They will enjoy being around someone so positive, and inspired by your self-confidence.

Let me share a trick with you that I have learned from my therapist, Mary Sales, and Dr. Leland  Heller.  Every hour, without fail, pause to say some positive affirmations to yourself.  First, you must identify negative automatic thoughts, e.g. "I'm not good at this."  Next, you flip it around, e.g. "I am very talented in this department."  You will find, if you repeat this new saying every hour for weeks, you will begin to see the positive ripple effects in your life.  You deserve to feel well and healthy!!!


This is great, been trying it since reading this the other day and its really helping. I have a way to go, but thanks x

Glad you're making some progress!

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