Anxiety is an un-natural response to a natural reaction, in other words we all feel fear, apprehension and danger; however, anxiety comes when that natural reaction causes us stress beyond that which the situation warrants.

Since human beings first walked the earth we had the instinct to feed, to reproduce and to fight or flee danger. 

These instincts have kept us around for millennia, however, the natural instinct to 'fight or flee' is not as useful when seeing a spider, or whilst out shopping, as it is when we needed to hunt pray, like we did centuries ago.

Sometimes our perception of danger and our physical and psychological reaction to that stops being helpful and instead becomes detrimental in our lives.

Anxiety can take many forms and limit lives in many ways, the good news is much can be done; anxiety can be overcome.

Please see some of our fantastic guides below that will give you many answers about anxiety, it’s causes, treatments and even what you can do to help yourself or a loved one struggling with anxiety.

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