Signs of drug addiction

Different drugs will have different effects upon the user physically, psychologically and in terms of behaviour. However, there are signs that may point to an addiction no matter what the substance is the addict is using. These common signs can help you identify an addiction in yourself, identifying it in others may be more tricky and will indeed depend on type of drug they use.

We suggest you see our individual drug information in the guides in our 'drug addiction' section for more information on specific drugs or check out this great website for a quick reference list of medications.

The following may indicate an addiction:

  • You’ve built up a tolerance meaning you need to use more of the drug to feel the effects you used to.
  • You continue to use drugs, despite knowing it’s hurting you and/or others around you.
  • You are no longer in control of .your drug use.
  • You experience symptoms when you do not take the drug for a period, you therefore use the drug to alleviate these symptoms. Your life revolves around using the drug.
  • Activities you once enjoyed are not as important as they once were, or are even abandoned due to your drug use.

Please see our guide to drug addiction

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