This is a quick guide to the appearance, use and effects of ecstasy. When it comes to drug use, knowledge is a very powerful tool both for a ‘user’ and for their friends and family members. If you know what drugs look like, what their street names are and the effects they can have on the user then you know the signs to look out for. 

Ecstasy is also known as

Pills, mitsubishis, eve, lover’s speed, peace, STP, X, XTC and the pure powder is known as MDMA (methylenedioxy-methamphetamine).

Appearance and uses

Ecstasy comes in tablet form with varying pictures on the tablets, and can come in powder form. MDMA is a white crystalline powder.

Common effects

Ecstasy gives the user a feeling of euphoria, a buzz making them more alert and in tune to their surroundings, they have more energy and feel increased activity levels.

Unwanted effects: Ecstacy can be a dangerous drug; it increases body temperature and heartbeat which can lead to dehydration, adversely it can stop the production of urine so you can also overdrink.

There have been over 200 deaths linked to the drug since 1996. Paranoia, psychosis and anxiety have been reported. The ‘come down’ can make the user feel very rough and low.

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