Symptoms of addiction

Signs and symptoms

Addiction affects every individual in a different way; it all depends on the general health before the addiction, the substance or activity, the strength, the frequency, how it’s been administered and personal circumstances in general. If we are talking about drug and alcohol abuse the most common signs of an addict are the change in behaviour and physical appearance. Personality trends include lack in respect for people and property, self-harming, increase in anger and irritability, loss of self-esteem, paranoia, loss of weight, lack of sleep, chills and shaking, addicts may feel a huge burden of guilt but this can do nothing to change their behaviour. There are a lot of signs that sometimes are not so easy to spot or may not be present at all until it is too late. Drugs and alcohol can cause liver failure, stomach ulcer, tumours and cancer.

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With psychological dependencies such as gambling you might find out that a member of your family has gambled away the savings, the car, the house. Sex addictions can manifest themselves in may ways, addiction to pornography, masturbation or actual sex itself, all have different signs, from excessive internet use, to the uncontrollable use of prostitutes, each addict will try and satisfy their craving in a different way, and each show varying signs.

One thing all addicts will have in common is the need for the ‘fix’ and this craving will preoccupy their thoughts and behaviours. Not only can the addiction be harmful in itself, but the behaviour of an addict can lead to secondary dangers, such as crime, irrational behaviour and losing focus on other areas of life. Far from the glamourised images of rebellion or excess, the reality of addiction is putting ‘fix’ first and not being able to control its effects on your life, or the lives of those around.

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